Galway & The Claddagh Ring

The Tradition of the Ring

Discover the tradition behind the Claddagh ring and how it is worn to reveal your relationship status.


So much more than the home of the Claddagh Ring, Galway offers a truly unique experience.

Galway Hookers

The Galway hooker has become the symbol of Galway. Learn more about these iconic boats.


Connemara is a world class destination in the West of Ireland with unrivaled beauty.


Find out your birthstone. Discover the meaning, history and lore behind it. 

The Claddagh Village

Find out about the history of Claddagh village, the place in which the ring is named.

The Tribes

All over Galway there are reminders of the Tribes. Discover more about these prominent families of Galway.

Exploring Galway

Relics of a medieval Galway are visible everywhere. Find out some of Galway’s great historic landmarks. 

Kids Puzzle

Solve the puzzle to reveal the scene behind it. Try in easy, medium or hard mode.