Ireland - History & Lore

Throughout Ireland, you can see traces of Irelands rich history.

Learn about Irish mythology, the Vikings in Ireland and the castles of Ireland. Discover your family crest and find out the meaning behind Celtic symbols. Learn about some famous Irishmen and why so many claim Irish heritage. 

The Irish Diaspora

Millions of people around the world claim to be of Irish heritage. Discover the historic migrations.

Celtic Symbols

Celtic symbols are all around us. Find out the fascinating meaning behind some popular Celtic symbols.

Round Towers

The Irish countryside is dotted with ancient round towers and have become a symbol of Ireland. 

Irish Mythology

There is something deeply enchanting and romantic about Irish mythology. 

Music in Ireland

Ireland is known for its rich music. Discover the history of music in Ireland.

Irish Family Crests

Find your family’s coat of arms and discover the roots of your Irish family name.

Famous Irish Writers

Irish writers have made an immeasurable contribution to the world of literature. Read about some of the greats.

The Vikings in Ireland

The Vikings played a huge part in Irish history and culture. Learn how the Vikings impacted Ireland.

Brian Boru

Brian Boru was the last great high king of Ireland. Learn about this mysterious Irish hero.

The Castles of Ireland

There are over 30,000 castles and castle ruins across Ireland. Let’s take a look at some.